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I want to sing a song of the world peace together! — Profile

Name:  Syokker

Location:  Japan,Yokohama-city
Birthday:  27 September, 2000
Bio:  Hi there!! Nice to meet you. My name is Syokker. I live in Yokohama, Japan. I like music and a trip very much. I traveled in 13 countries of the world so far. The Middle East is in particular a favorite. Israel in particular stayed in a long term. Because I went a lot abroad, I am sometimes mistaken other than a Japanese. Because I am a pure Japanese; ... We are looking forward to hearing from you! (*^_^*) Get along well from now on. =* ^ - ^ *= Thank you!! By Syokker.
Interests:  Jenka,Syokker,BGM,MIDI,Music,Blog,Weblog,diary,news,mixi,2ch,YouTube,Japanese,Japan,TOKYO,YOKOHAMA,KANAGAWA,Cafesta
Blog Created:  Mon 02/13/2006
Last Updated:  Fri 08/24/2007 - 20:15 KDT
Blog Entries:  5

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